Dry Eye Syndrome

What causes Dry Eye?

Your eyes produce two kinds of tears. First is the watery type that is produced when you cry from emotion or from an irritation like peeling onions. These tears have little or no effect on lubrication of your eye.

The second type of tears are “lubricating tears”. Your eyes continually produce these tears to keep them comfortable. Because their production decreases normally with age, dry eye is a common complaint in people over forty. If your eyes lack the necessary lubrication, they will be chronically irritated, and may have an overabundance of the watery type of tears.

Dry Eye Syndrome can also be caused by dry rooms, smoky rooms, cold, and windy environments, and is often a side effect of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Treatment for dry eyes

Dry Eye Syndrome cannot be cured. However, in most cases it can be controlled by using artificial lubricating drops to soothe and protect your eyes. If drops and ointments do not prove effective, minor surgical or laser treatment is available.

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