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#1 in Southwest Florida

Thomas A. Quigley, M.D. has practiced ophthalmology for more than 25 years in Southwest Florida.  Renowned for both his extensive experience and excellent surgical skills, Dr. Quigley specializes in cataract surgery and SmartLens® procedures. As the leading cataract surgeon in Southwest Florida, Dr. Quigley performs more cataract surgery than almost anyone in the United States. His extensive experience means lower cataract surgery complication rates. In fact, Dr. Quigley has performed more than 25,000 consecutive cataract surgery cases without a complication from infection.

More Patients Choose Dr. Quigley than any other Surgeon in Southwest Florida

With an unwavering commitment to excellent patient care, Dr. Quigley is one of the more experienced cataract surgeons in the entire United States. He has performed tens of thousands of cataract procedures. His cataract surgery recovery time is very brief and his patients experience excellent outcomes. Constantly seeking the most advanced technologies, Dr. Quigley was the first surgeon in Southwest Florida to implant the Symphony Intraocular Lens, which can help patients achieve their best possible vision without glasses. Because of Dr. Quigley’s excellent reputation, extensive experience and masterful surgical skills, patients from all over the U.S. travel to the area to have their cataracts removed by Dr. Quigley.

Excellent Training & Education

Dr. Quigley received his degree in medicine, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Mississippi where he was a Dean’s Scholar from 1981-1984. He also received The Department of Surgery Award in 1984.

Dr. Quigley went on to complete his eye surgery training in Ophthalmology at the LSU Eye Center, Louisiana State University Medial Center in New Orleans, Louisiana. After completing his education and training, Dr. Quigley relocated to Southwest Florida and opened his practice in 1988.

With about 25 years of serving the community, the practice has grown from a single eye surgeon into a masterful team of eye surgeons, optometric physicians and competent staff that treat a wide spectrum of eye conditions.

Specializing in Eyes, but He’s All Heart

Dr. Quigley has a strong commitment to both his patients and the communities in Southwest Florida. He has demonstrated this commitment by establishing the Gift of Sight Program, which is a free cataract surgery program for individuals without health insurance and financial ability to pay for cataract surgery. Over the years, Dr. Quigley has performed thousands of free cataract surgeries and given the Gift of Sight to thousands of people who otherwise would suffer from debilitating cataracts. 

Cataract Specialist

Most Experienced Cataract Surgeon

In recent years Thomas Quigley MD and his associates at Quigley Eye Specialists perform more cataract procedures than any other practice in South West Florida.  In the following cataract surgery video Dr. Quigley discusses the positive relationship between surgical outcomes and a surgeon’s experience.

Latest Cataract Diagnostic Equipment

Dr. Quigley first performs a very thorough medical cataract evaluation in the office.  Dr. Quigley has access to the very latest advanced medical testing equipment to properly diagnose the visual impairment caused by the cataract. These precise measurements of your eye enables Dr. Quigley to provide customized cataract surgery options to restore each patient’s vision. 

Cataract Procedure Options

Dr. Quigley surgical objective is to restore each cataract patient’s vision.  Dr. Quigley’s goal in the basic cataract procedure is to provide the cataract patient great vision often with the aid of eye glasses.  However, Dr. Quigley will give many of his patients the option of choosing a premium SmartLens® cataract procedure that allows his patients to perform many of their routine daily activities like reading, computer work, driving and watching TV without eye glasses!

SmartLens® Procedures

Dr. Quigley’s has developed his SmartLens® procedure that includes an array of specialty lenses and cataract surgical techniques that allows him to improve the shape of the eye (astigmatism correction techniques) and that enable his patients to see at all distances without eye glasses (multifocal lens Implants-IOLs).  

Laser Cataract Surgery

A recent development in cataract surgery sometimes called bladeless cataract surgery is the use of Lasers to assist the surgeon in obtaining more predictable results.  The laser is especially useful to help less masterful surgeons to improve the predictability of their procedure and results.  Generally the procedure is more expensive than other SmartLens® procedures offered by Dr. Quigley.  Dr. Quigley helps those patients who are laser candidates determine whether the benefits of laser surgery outweighs the added cost.

Safe and Painless Cataract Procedure

Dr Quigley over the years has constantly improved his cataract procedure.  Dr Quigley’s procedure is self-sealing, involving no stitches so that his patients can avoid the irritation often experienced from stitches.  Furthermore, Dr. Quigley’s patients constantly remark that they feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Dropless Cataract Surgery

Dr. Quigley offers some of his patients who are candidates the option of having antibiotics injected during the cataract procedure which can eliminate the need for expensive topical eye drops.  Dropless cataracts surgery often lowers the risk of non-compliance with a post-operative drops regimen .  

Resume Normal Activities 

Because Dr. Quigley's procedures are minimally invasive, patients are not required to wear an uncomfortable eye patch following the procedure.  In addition, Dr. Quigley's patients are pleased to learn about the very brief cataract surgery recovery time. In fact, after cataract surgery with Dr. Quigley, most patients can resume most normal daily activities the day after their cataract operation.

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