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Smart Glasses®


We offer a full service optical center in each of our offices.

Quigley Eye Specialists Optical is available to our guests, their family, and friends. Our highly trained Licensed Opticians are available at each of our eight Florida locations for your convenience. Dependable optometric service and the best products are offered to maximize and protect your vision with comfort, style, and affordability. We pride ourselves in our commitment to caring for each individual guest.

A Consumer Reports review on savvy shopping for eyeglasses rated private medical offices highest in service and quality and lower in price than most chain-based retail establishments. Please stop by and see for yourself.

In fact, let us take you through our SMART GLASSES® service…a process by which we learn about your individual needs, your lifestyle and how your vision is important to what you do. Then, we make recommendations as to what particular brand and style of eyewear will be best for you.

The most important part of any eyewear is the lens and Quigley Eye Specialists Optical Shops offer the latest lens technology available. As part of our Smart Glasses® service our experienced, Licensed Opticians will assist you in choosing a lens design for your personal and unique life style.

We offer Varilux® Progressive Addition Lenses with W.A.V.E. Technology. Single Vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, and Computer/ Intermediate range lenses are available to answer any specific lifestyle need.

Materials play an equally important part in the choice of the lenses. During a Smart Glasses® consultation, we discuss Protection, Comfort, and Maximum Visual Performance for you, which are among the top considerations in choosing the right material.

Transitions® Adaptive Lenses allow you to see life in the best light. Transitions everyday lenses automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between. Transitions®, while lightweight and comfortable, also protect the eyes 100% from damaging ultraviolet light.

Drivewear® is a changeable Polarized Transition lens perfect for daytime driving. Many of our guests also use Drivewear™ during their golf game, they tell us the ball is easier to see on the golf course and the changeability is perfect since the lens adjusts for clouds and direct sunlight. Solid Grey and Brown Polarized lenses are also available for anyone spending time in bright light environments such as driving into the sun, water recreation, tennis, etc.

Xperio UV® Polarized Sun lenses are perfect for comfort and protection to enhance your active Florida lifestyle. Xperio UV combines the polarized lens with a backside no-glare technology with sun protection factor of E-SPF 50+. In addition to offering the maximum UV protection, it will help to fight against: glare, scratch, smudge, dust, oil and water. You will enjoy a more accurate and comfortable vision and it will also protect your sun lenses for a longer period.

Crizal® glare-free lenses are recommended in all lens choices. These lenses prevent reflections that cause eyestrain and fatigue. They create clear vision by helping light enter your eyes, and helps prevent disorienting glare. Crizal Lenses™ is our glare-free lens of choice.

Frame selection is easy at Quigley Eye Specialists Optical. We have a large selection of metal and plastic frames as well as frameless and lightweight hypoallergenic titanium frames. Many of our guests choose frames from our Aspex collections; each frame includes a magnetic polarized sun clip. If fashion is important we have a wide selection of designer brands such as Kawasaki, Fendi, Coach, Cazal, Caviar, and Vera Bradley.

Our doctors recommend sun protection for everyone. We feature the leading brands such as Costa del Mar®. We also offer custom Polarized magnetic sun lenses from Chemistrie™ that can be made to match any frame you choose. We have a large selection of shapes, sizes, styles and colors to satisfy any style or pocket book.

We also have ready-made reading glasses including the popular Costa del Mar C-Mates®. These are premium polarized sunglasses and feature a reading segment that is positioned to optimize distance views, while giving you near power when you need it.

We accept Medicare assignment for eyeglasses after Cataract Surgery. Our opticians will explain your benefits in detail and file the claim for you.

Our opticians invite you to stop in often for free eyewear adjustments, cleaning, small repairs and replacement nose pads. Eyewear frames and lenses purchased from Quigley Eye Specialists Optical are under warranty for a minimum of one year, and two years for Crizal glare-free lenses. We want to help you protect your investment in your vision, and to love your glasses!

Our Smart Glasses® service assures that we get to know you and your individual eyewear requirements so we can match them to our eyewear products. And this assures that you will be happy with your eyewear purchase.