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A cataractis a clouding of the natural lens inside your eye and this clouding can be the reason sharp images become blurred, bright colors become dull, or seeing at night is more difficult.  It may also be why the reading glasses or bifocals that used to help you read or do other simple tasks, no longer work. I am so pleased to introduce you to our SmartLens cataract surgery services.  A SmartLens implanted in your eyeduring your cataract procedure may enable you to see clearly without glasses at distance, intermediate, near and everything in between. Until recently, the intraocular lens implants available were "fixed focus" intraocular lenses meaning that after cataract surgery, many patients could see clearly at a distance without glasses but needed glasses for near vison, intermediate or, in some instances, both. However, the creation of multi-focal intraocular lenses and accommodating intraocular lenses.. the ones used in our SmartLens Procedure, has opened up the possibility for you to see clearly without glasses, up close, in between, and far away. Our eye surgeons SmarLens Procedure is creating a new standard for cataract sugery in southwest Florida and beyond.  Imagine your new found freedom... no more of the constant hunt for your reading glasses... no more dependence on glasses during your leisure activities such as fishing or cards.  You'll have a newfound independence just like when you were a kid!

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