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Femtosecond laser use during cataract surgery


The new Femtosecond laser is the new “cutting edge” technology for bladeless cataract surgery. The beauty of the Femtosecond laser is the ultra short pulse lasting from 50 -1000 Femtoseconds minimizing heat and damage to the surrounding area.  The incision from the Femtosecond Laser is made with such precision that it is successful on materials from steel to heart tissue.   Using the Femtosecond laser during cataract surgery was first tried in 2008 by a surgeon in Budapest. In clinical studies, the Femtosecond laser has shown to provide very precise and consistent incisions resulting in fewer wound leaks and a decrease in cases of infection and endophthalmitis.   Using the Femtosecond laser allows the surgeon to have more precise control obtaining a near perfect surgical opening with little to no collateral tissue damage.  This is suspected to have an effect on the refractive error correction resulting in better visual outcomes for the cataract surgery patient. More consistency in the capsulorhexis during cataract surgery will ensure les variations of the IOL which seems to be the biggest advantage to using the Femtosecond laser during cataract surgery.   The Femtosecond laser also has the added technology of breaking up the lens material in les time and with less stress on the eye.  This ability has reduced surgeon time of removing the lens material by 50%  making it safer with faster surgical recovery time and less postoperative swelling.   There can be some complications with using the Femtosecond laser with cataract surgery such has subconjunctival hemorrhages. With increased training the instances of this has decreased over time.   Using the Femtosecond  laser during cataract surgery is not covered by insurance and would result in high out of pocket expense for patients.  As you can see having the latest technology available to cataract surgeons can increase your chances of better vision at the end but it could be very costly to financial bottom line.    

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