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SURGICAL AND NON SURGICAL TREATMENT OF GLAUCOMA Glaucoma is a severe and chronic disease of increased pressure in the eye that affects 13% of the population of the age of 60. This disease can be the cause of permanent vision loss over time if the pressure is left untreated by causing damage to the optic nerve. It is often left untreated for those who do not have routine eye exams due to the slow progression of the disease and lack of symptoms.  The only way to know if you have the disease is through eye exams and test that check for increased intraocular pressure. There have been some new treatment options over the years ranging from drops to surgical intervention. The newest technology released for use in the United States is the ISTENT. This product is primarily implanted during cataract surgery into the Schlemm’s Canal allowing for a more normal flow of fluid to drain from the eye in patients with open angle Glaucoma. There are new laser technology lasers approved in Europe and being tested in the States that is similar to the SLT. It uses heat lasers to create drainage openings in the Trabecular Meshwork without damaging the surrounding tissue but it also works in conjunction with the gold micro-shunt that reduces surgical complications because it is confined to tone part of the eye and works as a system. Duracert is a new implant that is revolutionary in that it is implanted under the conjunctiva and provides long term sustained release of Latanoprost thereby eliminating the need for daily use of eye drops in most cases. While some shunts, stents and medication disks are no bigger than a grain of rice, one company is now testing a device that is no bigger than a human eyelash that can be implanted during cataract surgery.  All of these treatment options have one common goal, lower intraocular pressure by correcting fluid disruption in the eye and preventing irreversible damage to the optic nerve which left untreated can result in blindness.    

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