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When it comes to deciding on surgery facility options, many physicians and patients decide to use an ASC ( Ambulatory Surgery Center) instead of an oupatient hospital department. The number one choice for physicians in deciding on and ASC to perform most cataract, glaucoma and Blepharoplasty procedures is the efficiency that most ASC facilities offer to physicians.  It becomes familiar to the doctor and staff working together so rooms are turned over quickly, therby providing a relaxed and controlled enviroment without chaos. Thus,  creating a better patient experience.  I know that is how it seems at St. Johns Surgery Center where all of our surgeons perform most of their surgeries. The second factor on deciding to have your cataract or other ophthalmologic procedure performed at an ASC is cost.  In most cases, it is more cost effective to the health plan to have the procedure performed in the ASC rather than an outpatient setting due to the fee schedule structure being less in an ASC versus hospital department.  It is more cost effective for the patients as well due to lower out of pocket expense for procedures performed in an ASC. In conclusion, while some procedures may require you to have the emergency backup of a large hospital, it is in most patients best interest to have your planned cataract or glaucoma surgery scheduled at your local ASC.

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