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Laser cataract surgery for Glaucoma patients are no different and expect the same advantages and technology options that regular cataract surgery patients are offered. Most recently, technology has evolved to includ the femtosecond laser which allows for tailored results. Surgeons are able to offer their glaucoma patients the benfits of greater precision improved outcomes and safer, lower energy laser surgery during cataract surgeryand the femtosecond laser is the only one by Optimedica Corporation that is not contraindicated for use on patients with Glaucoma. The hallmark of laser cataract surgery is the conistant performance of the femtosecond laser to produce complete circular capsulotomydetermined by the surgeons diameter and location. The significant advantage of providing this consistant opening to the surgeon and the patient is reduced instance of posterior capsular opacities, centered IOL placement with less tilt and more effective lens position. In addition the surgeons lens fragmentation reduce ultrasound energy resulting in further softening the cataract and minimizing injury to the surrounding tissue. In all reality using the femtosecond laser with a dense cataract during removal makes it behave more like a softer grade cataract. Corneal relaxing incisions or LRI when performed with the femtosecond laser can provide more accurate length and depth wwhen reducing post operative astigmatism. When pairing symmetrical and asymmetrical ARC  incisions providing tailored refractive result not possible with manual techniques according to Jason Jones, M.D. of Jones Eye Clinc. We are able to give patients with multiple other medical conditions such as glaucoma, small pupil or compromised nerve damage the option of the newest technology and tailored precise outcomes using the femtosecond laser.

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