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The Importance of gonioscopy   Recent studies have shown that with the advances in imaging technologies such as the optical coherence tomography (OCT), gonioscopy has been used less frequently.  However, no imaging technology can provide the same information to be gained by gonioscopy being that it provides better examination of the anterior chamber angle.  With the recent increase in microinvasive glaucoma surgery, surgeons have learned the importance of gonioscoy testing to help provide a successful surgical result.  Surgeons have found that examining the patient using gonioscopy prior to surgery allows them to become familiar with the positioning of the anterior chamber angle which in turn allows more comfortable positioning for the patient and the surgeon during surgery therefore providing a better outcome of the procedure. With the increase in MIGS ( microinvasive glaucoma surgery) it looks as if the forgotten art of goinioscopy is no longer going to be a thing of the past and will make a resounding comeback as an essential element of the ophthalmic exam. With more and more surgeons performing gonioscopy on routine cataract patients to improve their skills and gain confidence before starting MIGS, new products and gonioscopy lens technology are on the horizon.  While this new technology will benefit physicians in the typical office setting, the major benefit will come to those surgeons who elect to treat the co glaucoma/cataract patient.

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