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People that have been diagnosed with diabetes should also consider regular eye examinations, at least once a year. There could be rapid cjanges in your blood sugar that could potentially affect the outcome of your visual acuity by causing fluctuations in your vision. When you have diabetes, that usually means your body does not use and store the sugar in your body properly.  When this happens it can affect the blood vessels in your retina,.  The retina is the nerve layer at the back of the eye that senses light and helps to send images to the brain. It is important to know that today, with improved methods of diagnosis and treatment, only a small percentage of patients who develop retinopathy have serious vision problems.  The forms of treatment are usually billable to most insurance plans and considered medically necessary on health insurance review. Having annual eye exams help in the early detection of  diabetic retinopathy and is the best protection against loss of vision. You can significantly lower your risk of vision loss by maintaining control of your blood sugar.  Please consult your Ophthalmologist in your area and get established for yearly routine Eye Exams

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