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New Technology in Refractions As we progress through the age of Electronic Health Records and clinical quality measures, we no longer need to rely on old manual forms of refraction.  A company by the name of macro has worked with practicing optometrist to develop software that allows a device to combine Auto refraction and Wavefront aberrometry called XFRACTION. This Xfraction allows providers to produce more than 20 different measurements with just a press of a button. This new way of gaining refractions from patients not only allows providers to be more productive but also more effective with time management.   The process is very accurate and comprehensive including pupillometry, allowing the Optometrist to access refractive data in both higher and lower order values. Physicians are now able to use this technology to customize each patient’s refraction and help determine if the visual complaints are due to refractive error or more complex pathology such as Dry Eye or other ocular surface disease. It has also helped doctors measure JND (just noticeable difference) scientifically taking out subjective patient perception when asked “what is better, 1 or 2?” Visual corrections are therefore more accurate and result in higher patient satisfaction and less “remakes” for the optical department.  You can spend more time with patients going over optical choices that will generate revenue rather than performing lengthy manual refractions saving 5-7 minutes per refraction. While most patients will not notice that they are not using the same Phoropter they have seen for decades, they will realize the benefits of this new technology with the time it saves from  a manual refraction.

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