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Postop Enhancements of the Multifocal IOL patient

There will always be those few patients that have gone for a multifocal IOL during cataract surgery that will miss the refractive mark no matter how good the biometry and IOL master is performed. While monofocal implant patients can just wear glasses to correct small refractive errors, those multi focal patients who paid large amounts of money will need some postop intervention to get them to be 20/happy. While there are some pitfalls to servicing post op cataract patients, most are pretty happy with the outcome they are left with after seeing the surgeon that performed their cataract surgery. Some factors to consider explaining to the patient prior to surgery are the expected outcome and realistic expectations from the patient.  If there is physical pathology, such as macula or retinal disease, this can dramatically affect the refractive outcome of cataract surgery. Another possible source of decreased vision post operatively is Opacified Posterior Capsule. This is a clouding of the lens implant that is most cases can be cleared by performing a YAG laser. While some surgeons say that some monofocal patients may be unhappy after cataract surgery, most of the postoperative touch ups will happen with the multifocal group of patients. These patients will also present the biggest challenge due to their vision is now multifocal with distance and near targets. The best thing the surgeon can do is discuss the patient’s expectations prior to performing any enhancements so that the patient has an outcome that they are well informed about and are expecting.  

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