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TREATING BLEPHARITIS  Blepharitis is a condition of the eyelid that is very common and affects many people.  Symptoms usually include swelling, crusting, itchiness and a feeling of grittiness. Dryness and redness also account for many patient complaints. Long-term, repeated episodes of these flare-ups are diagnosed as Bleharitis. Allergies or dry eyes can also have the same symptoms, so it is important for a board certified Optometrist or Ophthalmologist to examine your eyelids.  Once you have been diagnosed with blepharitis, your eye doctor will decide what treatment is best for you. There are simple treatments such as lid hygiene with eyelid scrubs or baby shampoo that your doctor may want to start with.  Warm compresses and lid massages have also been effective in treating blepharitis. There are antibiotic and steroid eye drops that may also be prescribed to help treat a case of blepharitis. Once the patient has been prescribed a steroid, your eye doctor will want to monitor your intraocular pressure (IOP), as using steroids long-term may lead to increased pressure.  Once the symptoms of blepharitis are under control, your eye doctor may suggest maintaining a regimen of lid scrubs and warm compresses as a preventive measure.        

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