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MEDICAL RETINA   The eye care industry has experienced tremendous growth in the area of medical retina.  While there will always be a need for surgical retina, there are more opportunities to treat retina patients in an office setting. Staff members should focus on the following areas to help maximize the patients’ office experience.   Understanding- Retina patients need to be handled with compassion. Many are dealing with the threat of central vision loss. This can be very upsetting for a patient and can impact their mood or even their personal grooming habits.   Support- Many retina patients are accompanied to their appointments by friends or family members.  Be sure to focus not only on the patient but their support as well.    Time- Patients may have many questions related to any retina related diagnosis.  Sometimes it can be very confusing for patients and/or family members.  Make sure you go over the treatment plan with the patient and allow time for questions or concerns. Commitment- Medical retina can require frequent follow up visits for exams, testing and treatment.  If the doctors and staff are committed to providing a knowledgeable and supportive environment, the patients will be more inclined to comply with the treatment the doctors’ recommendations.   Following the above steps will help ensure that retina patients have a pleasant and educational experience while in an office setting.  

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