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Manufacturers have been revolutionizing the IOL field at a remarkable rate, so surgeons can now gather the proper data to choose the best lens for each patient from a long list of options.  Many surgeons want to offer patients the best option for cataract surgery, but prefer not to add tech time, machines and chair time to accomplish this task.   Keeping up with IOLs mean not only choosing a lens that will function properly in the eye, but also doing so in a way that meets or exceeds the patients expectations.  It’s can be best to promote an individualized approach.  Standard cataract surgery is a very good operation, but it’s no longer the best surgery available.  We are moving into the age of personalized medicine, and the new technologies available to doctors are leading edge.  When we consider a patient’s lifestyle and visual priorities, we can optimize and customize the best lenses for each individual patient.   When patients are involved in testing and hear the reasoning behind the doctor’s choice for surgery, they feel dramatically more confident in their surgery and also the physician operating on them.  Offering patients options not only can help the physician’s bottom line, but also inform patients of the options available to them and allow the patient to be pro active in their healthcare.

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