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Data shows that SLT lasers are a cost effective option for patients and practices. Glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness worldwide.  In the United States alone, approximately 2.7 million people have glaucoma.  This large patient population consequently implies a heavy economic burden of treatment.   SLT is poised as an effective therapy for early glaucoma that also reduces the overall treatment cost by reducing dependency on medications. The favorable economics of SLT measure up when compared to surgery and eye drops.  Besides reducing costs to the patient, SLT may also alleviate the cost of glaucoma treatment that Ophthalmologists or Optometrists incur.   SLT is changing the landscape of glaucoma therapy.  Not only is it harmless and a highly successful approach as first-line glaucoma therapy but it is also an inexpensive option and promises to reduce the long term costs of glaucoma treatment for patients, doctors and the health care system as well.  

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