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Femtosecond laser cataract surgery has become a controversial technology.  Although the technology is still in its early phase, a number of surgeons have been using femto technology for quite a few years.  An ongoing interest in offering advanced options to patients, usually including premium IOL’s, is a factor that seem to make surgeons receptive to using this technology.   Femtosecond lasers can make perfectly round, perfectly sized capsulorhexes. There is also an ability to do LRI’s with great precision, with the help of an OCT. Femtosecond laser also makes a better, incision at the proper depth because of real time pachymetry  over the exact area you are placing them. There are many patients who are more receptive to the idea of correcting astigmatism with the laser rather than the blade.   Surgeons backgrounds can be a significant factor in determining how readily a surgeon is likely to embrace this newer technology.  Conservative surgeons tend to be more cautious, while other surgeons tend to jump right into doing the majority of their cases with the laser.  Doctors with a history of performing Lasik surgery may find using the femtosecond laser more natural.

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