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The main challenge in performing cataract surgery on post refractive patients is accurate IOL power.  There are two major causes of error in IOL calculations which are inaccurate corneal power and incorrect estimate of effective lens position.  The accuracy in power calculations have improved greatly in recent years, however, surprises still occur and we have not reached the level of precision that we prefer and that patients expect. Because of the differences in the corneal power induced by keratorefractive surgery, none of the existing corneal power measuring devices are sufficiently reliable to generate the same kind of reliability that they produce when they are turned on a virgin cornea.  A good option to minimize errors could be a premium IOL, but because all patients are not good candidates, that is not a reliable solution either. When refractive errors occur, two options to correct the error are IOL exchange and piggyback IOL. Further advanced studies would be helpful to help doctors achieve better outcomes. Visit one of our 8 locations including Eye Health of Fort Myers, Eye Health of Cape Coral and Eye Health of Naples.

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