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Ophthalmologists have more tools than ever to manage the millions of patients who reportedly suffer from dry eye but one of the most basic causes is many times overlooked: environmental triggers. Dry eye is hugely impacted by the environment, so that’s the first thing doctors can address before even discussing medications or other types of treatment. Patients should be conscious of the fact that they may have to change their lifestyle. Patients should be made aware the importance of wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses are very protective to the eyes. One should also take frequent breaks when reading or using computers or tablets. While using computers or tablets for long periods of time, you do not blink as much, and your eyes tend to dry out. Lastly, warm compresses should be used as a maintenance strategy. A warm compress can help meibomian gland dysfunction that can tie into dry eyes. Car and bedroom environments can exacerbate dry eyes. Particularly, fans and air conditioning are not good when directly blowing into the eye. Care should be used especially in the summer, when use of these products increase greatly. Visit one of our 8 locations including Fort MyersNaples, and Cape Coral.

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