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A Superior Laser for Cataract Surgery1

Technology Leaders in Eye Care, Quigley Eye Specialists is proud to be the first and only private practice in Southwest Florida to offer patients the next generation laser for cataract surgery. Introducing the Catalys® Laser System. When compared to another leading laser, the Catalys was found to use less energy and demonstrated superior patient outcomes (Khodabakhsh & Hobauer, 2018)2.

Built from the ground up specifically for cataract surgery, the Catalys is more gentle on the eye and opens the door to laser cataract surgery for patients with glaucoma. If you suffer from cataracts or any other eye condition, call Quigley Eye Specialists today.

Your eyes are our passion.

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1. A 2018 study that compared the Catalys with another leading laser concluded that the Catalys demonstrated superior outcomes in terms of the patient experience, completeness of capsulotomy and ease of cortex removal.

2. In addition to the 2018 study noted above, a 2016 study showed that when compared to another leading laser, the other laser showed significantly higher cumulative dissipated energy and phacoemulsification power needed in comparison to the Catalys group.