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Ben White, O.D.

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Ben White, O.D.


Dr. Benjamin White completed his Doctorate of Optometry at Nova Southeastern University. Upon graduating he furthered his clinical abilities through an ocular disease residency with Aran Eye Associates in Miami, Florida.

Dr. White has a special interest in the diagnosis and treatment of the eye problems of older adults.He enjoys providing comprehensive eye examinations for his patients and takes time to clearly explain his findings to his patients.

Dr. Benjamin White—Highly skilled to take great care of your eyes.

Ben White, O.D.


I am a twin and the last of 9 children.  I learned to eat fast and furious racing my siblings for the best food in the house.  These skills proved helpful later in life as I became a dark horse winner in a speed eating chicken wing competition in college.

Now I just beg my 2 children to eat all  of their food on their plate, which they usually don’t.

Ben White, O.D.

Fun Facts

In college I had the opportunity to join a select biology group to hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon.  We were to meet on the “South Rim”.

When my 3 friends and I arrived at the “North Rim” things seems surprisingly quiet.  Nobody was there.  We finally figured out that showed up on the wrong side.  We could never drive around to the south side to meet them in time.

We thus hiked down from the North side and met up with the group at the bottom.  Me and my best friend at the time joined the group up the south side the next day while my other 2 friends returned back north towards the car.

So I can officially say I hiked across the Grand Canyon from the North Rim to the South Rim.

Ben White, O.D.

Favorite Things

I really enjoy working on cars.  I completely restored my 94 Nissan 300ZX.  Nearly every bolt was removed and car stripped down to bare metal and built up again.  You might see it in the parking lot or stumble across a few YouTube videos I’ve made.

I took a night class recently on welding and my next goal is to learn CNC machining.

I have my own sewing machine and know how to use it; my wife doesn’t.  I have been known to visit Joann’s and have been caught by fellow coworkers leaving the store.  I made all the curtains in my house because we couldn’t find ones we liked at the store.

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