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Bruce Senior, O.D.

Board Certified Optometric Physician

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Dr. Senior grew up in Sarasota Florida. After graduating from Sarasota High, he attended the University of Florida with the intent of becoming an aerospace engineer. He has always been fascinated by the way things work and found that both physics and physiology courses provided answers to the way the human body works. An optometrist friend of the family suggested he apply for optometry school as the practice of optometry is a marriage of physics and physiology. He received his Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Houston School of Optometry where he was offered a research grant for doing tear osmolarity studies, which helped with tuition (that and the midnight shift loading Semi’s at East Texas Motor Freight!) The most enjoyable part of his practice is the interaction with his patients and providing them with personalized care.


Dr. Senior has enjoyed more than 50 years of marriage to his beautiful wife Marilee. As a licensed optician, Marilee has spent her career helping Dr. Senior and thousands of patients find the perfect pair of glasses. Dr. Senior and Marilee have two wonderful children and four grandchildren. The happily married couple enjoys spending as much time as possible with the kids and grandkids.

Fun Facts

Dr. Senior originally wanted to be an aerospace engineer, but learned that taking care of patients’ was a better fit for his passion.

Favorite Things

Dr. Senior and Marilee love to travel, cook and learn new things.