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Emmanuel Kai-Lewis, M.D.

Board Certified Ophthalmologist
Cataract & Cornea Surgeon

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Dr. Emmanuel Kai-Lewis is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who grew up in Washington D.C.   He attended Baylor University then returned to Washington for Medical School at Howard University College of Medicine.

After Medical School, Dr. Kai completed his residency at West Virginia University Eye Institute and went on to pursue additional training and completed a Cornea Fellowship at the Prestigious University of Minnesota Eye Clinic, becoming an expert in Cornea/External Disease and Refractive Surgery.

As a cataract and cornea surgeon, Dr. Kai was a member of the faculty at the prestigious St. Erik’s Hospital in Stockholm where he taught medical students how to perform complex cornea transplants among other types of procedures. Today, Dr. Kai is one of the most experienced cross-linking specialists in the United States and a leading cataract and corneal surgeon who is committed to ensuring each and every patient has their best possible vision.


I have an identical twin brother and a younger sister.  We once switched our last class of the day in high school.  The teachers had no clue.  Our sister is seven years younger and when we were kids she always wanted to hang out with her big brothers and friends.  We always said no.  Now she is the coolest sibling and we have to beg to hang out with her.  Things surely do change.

I am married with two little girls and yes another girl on the way. Even our cat is a girl. Four women and me,  there is no way I am at a disadvantage. Right?

My wife and I have been married for over 10 great years.  It’s hard to make her laugh but when I do, she usually laughs so hard that she starts tearing.  Our older daughter is just like me in her behavior while the younger is more like my wife.  No matter how hard I resist I can’t say no to them.  They get that charm from their mother.  As one can imagine,  all they have to do is bat their eyelashes and they are basically getting what they want.

Fun Facts
I started playing racquetball in medical school and within 6 months started playing in tournaments.  I even have a few trophies.  I even played a few matches with one of the top ranked players in the pro circuit.  I didn’t score a point on him but it’s not everyday you say you got to play one of the best in the world.

I learned to speak fluent Swedish in 8 months.  It was very difficult but now my kids can’t say anything about me without me understanding them.  The struggles were well worth it.

As a young child I really liked to draw pictures.  I would sometimes draw for hours on the weekend.  My mother recently told me that she kept a lot is my artwork from those days to show to my kids sometime.

Favorite Things
One of my favorite things now is to watch and play basketball.  It’s great cardio even though my friends laugh that I am the only person on the court wearing protective goggles.  Now all I need is a mouth guard, knee brace, ankle brace and  finger tape.  With those accessories who wouldn’t want me on their team.