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James Campbell, O.D.

Board Certified Optometric Physician

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Dr. James Campbell received his advanced training at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Campbell is a highly respected and knowledgeable Optometric Physician who has practiced in Florida since 1989. Dr. Campbell performs comprehensive medical eye examinations, treats eye infections, provides care for glaucoma patients and writes prescriptions for eyeglasses, which you can fill at the Quigley Eye Optical Shop.


I come from a family of four children.  I have two older sisters and an older brother.  That makes me the youngest which is a fact that I will continue to remind my siblings throughout our lifetimes. My beautiful wife and I do not have children but we love animals and have cats that allow us to share their home.   We do our best to help the humane society in our community.

Fun Facts
I’ve travelled and lived in Hawaii for a while as a student. Of course it was beautiful and great place to live, but as expensive as one would expect. I also stayed in the Cayman Islands a short while around the same time, and it turns out it’s expensive to stay there also.  My wife and I settled here and it’s just as beautiful and quite a bit more reasonable to stay here.

Another interesting thing that I’ve done was meet President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy when he was running for president. He was in my home town and I went to the hotel where  he was staying. I met him as he was getting out of his limo and he introduced me to Nancy as she got out.  Then I noticed one of his staff getting his luggage out of the trunk of the car so I offered to help him carry it to Governor (at that time) Reagan’s room. The guy said “sure” and started handing me bags. So I carried Reagan’s luggage to his hotel room. My tip was getting to meet the future President and First Lady.

Favorite Things
My wife and I enjoy the Florida outdoor lifestyle. We enjoy being out on the water boating and kayaking.  I also enjoy Florida mountain biking, which is really trail riding because southwest Florida is not known for its mountains.  I also ride a bike called a catrike which is a recumbent tricycle made right here in Florida. It’s a very comfortable ride that is great for the paved trails across the state.