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Nika Priest-Allen, M.D.

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Nika Priest-Allen, M.D.


Known for her excellent surgical skills, Dr. Nika Priest-Allen is a Quigley Eye Specialists cataract surgeon and glaucoma specialist. Committed to the healthy vision of her patients, Dr. Priest-Allen provides exceptional eye care in a professional and caring environment.

Dr. Nika Priest-Allen is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist. She received her degree in medicine from Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadephia. As an exceptional surgeon specializing in cataracts and glaucoma, Dr. Priest-Allen has a strong commitment to the care and treatment of her patients. She continues to provide them with the latest technology in eye surgery. Dr. Priest-Allen performs all her surgeries from the state-of-the-art St. John’s Surgery Center in Fort Myers.

Nika Priest-Allen, M.D.


I grew up in Fort Myers and am excited to be back in town with my husband to raise my own two children here. After many years away for medical training, it’s wonderful to have my parents living less than a mile away.

Nika Priest-Allen, M.D.

Fun Facts

I play the violin and can speak Persian (Farsi).

Nika Priest-Allen, M.D.

Favorite Things

My family and I enjoy going to the beach and we love a good game of laser tag.

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