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Glaucoma Treatment

Unfortunately, glaucoma can’t be reversed. However, further damage can be prevented by eye drops, conventional surgery, and laser surgery. Medication can also be an option in some cases.

Regular eye exams are extremely important to monitor your glaucoma and prevent further vision loss.

Surgery & Treatment Options

  • SLT Laser (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty)-this type of treatment can safely treat glaucoma and can be a great alternative to eye drops. This is a quick procedure that takes place right at the Quigley Eye Specialists office, and it is also covered by Medicare.
  • Laser surgery in addition to SLT laser treatment-depending on the type of glaucoma you have, other types of laser surgery may be recommended for the most effective results
  • Medications-daily eye drops can also help control the symptoms of glaucoma, and help slow down vision loss.
  • Conventional surgery-At times, traditional surgery taking place in an operating room may be necessary for effective treatment. This usually involves creating a new draining channel in the eye to reduce fluid pressure. Though conventional, recovery time is fast and this is usually an outpatient procedure.

For the best results, always make sure you’re having regular eye exams, and follow your eye doctor’s instructions.