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SmartLenses®  –
So you don’t have to depend on your eyeglasses!

At Quigley Eye Specialists, we pride ourselves in implementing new technology to help our customers have the best eye solutions. Our SmartLenses® will allow most patients to see clearly without your eyeglasses at any distance.* This new technology can be easily implanted into your eye during your cataract procedure, so you won’t have to depend on your glasses.

SmartLenses® help provide a solution for those dealing with cataracts, presbyopia, and astigmatisms.

*Risks of dry eye syndrome, which can be severe; the possible need for glasses or contacts lenses after surgery; visual symptoms including halos, glare, starbursts, and double vision, which can be debilitating; and the loss of vision.

How can SmartLenses® help with cataracts?

Cataracts cause a clouding effect on the eye’s natural lens, affecting an individual’s vision over time. Left untreated cataracts can lead to blindness. They can cause objects to appear blurry, and weaken night vision. Cataracts cannot be prevented, but they can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens to help restore vision.

An intraocular lens like the SmartLens® will help you get your vision back, so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy.


Intraocular lenses aren’t just for individuals with cataracts. They can also help with presbyopia. This condition eventually affects everyone as they age. The older we get, the more prone the natural lenses of our eyes become to cloudiness and inflexibility, causing a decrease in vision. This is known as presbyopia, and can affect anyone—even those who have had perfect vision most of their lives.

Intraocular lenses and the SmartLens® solution

First introduced in 1949, intraolcular lenses (IOLs) are now available in a wide range of varieties and lens materials. Traditionally, even with an IOL implant, and individual would still have to wear glasses after the procedure.

The creation of multi-focal IOLs like the SmartLens® has now made it possible for individuals to see clearly without the help of their glasses whether you’re reading, looking into the distance, or anywhere in between.

To learn if our SmartLens® solution is right for you, call us at (239)466-2020 to schedule an appointment. We’re dedicated to helping you have healthy eyes and the best possible vision.


Did you know? About one in six people living in the United States have astigmatism. This means the eye isn’t completely round, making glasses a necessity. Our eye surgeons at Quigley Eye Specialists can help correct your astigmatism with a unique version of our SmartLenses® so you won’t have to be dependent on your glasses to see correctly!

The SmartLenses® are not suitable for certain conditions, so your ophthalmologist will discuss the suitability of the SmartLenses® for your specific condition. The SmartLenses® may cause a reduction in contrast sensitivity under certain conditions so with the SmartLenses® you may need to exercise special caution when driving at night or in poor visibility conditions.